Early Days

When Steve Jobs announced iPhone in 2007, we thought it would be even more impactful on the mobile industry than Mac had been on personal computing. So, in 2008, we were quick to crank out games as Flipside5, publishing 3 that year. We saw early successes: 100,000,000 downloads, featuring in Apple’s TV advertisements, and appearing in Apple stores. Our promise as game-makers is succinct: “Simple. Fun. Wow.” The player won’t be turned away by complex menus and abstruse systems, won’t participate in drudgery, and won’t feel that our product is like the rest. Bringing accessible innovation to the present has always been our goal.

Our first major title came in the form of Tic-Tac-Touch, a web-based Tic-Tac-Toe game that offered multiplayer. It was met with a wonderfully warm response from users, prompting our second tite: Touch4. This Connect 4 adaptation to the iPhone was amazingly even more popular. Within its first five months, the user base played 1.3 million games. We went on to develop the premier air hockey game on the App Store, Touch Hockey, using the nascent multitouch technology to allow multiplayer between two individuals on the same device. These titles established Flipside5 as a household name in mobile entertainment.

Moving forward, we will deliver “Simple. Fun. Wow.” in all forms of entertainment, wherever the industry goes. We believe that promise is what keeps our customers more than satisfied and eager to return; it’s the heart and soul of what we do, and it shows in the final product.